Merch Farm is a web to print, integrated and automated on-demand apparel manufacturer based in Southern California, with a high volume facility in Ensenada, Baja California.

What we do for our clients:

  1. Purchase activated manufacturing and direct to consumer fulfillment. Our clients have the ability to move away from massive inventory pre-ordering with the hopes to sell a substantial percentage of inventory. In reality at the end of the year most apparel brands are holding upwards of 25% of their inventory in hopes to sell at a deep discount.  We make the products your customers purchase and ship direct to them. Our clients hold retain their margins and grow at a drastic rates!
  2. Our clients no longer place analog orders with overseas manufacturers and multiple month lead times. Seamless integration between your ecommerce platform and our cloud based production platform.
  3. Define and follow fast fashion trends TODAY, not next year. In this day and age fashion trends are moving so fast major brands can no longer drive or define them. If a trend goes viral our clients have the ability to react, design and sell within hours.
  4. Fast Fashion can be sustainable. At Merch Farm we utilize sustainable eco-friendly printing and production processes. All of our products are made right here in the North America. Because we only manufacturer products that have been purchased, our environmental impact is substantially lower purely based around not having bad inventory.